Make the Switch and Vape with Vaporized. No Ifs, No Butts, No Excuses.

No ifs, No Butts and No excuses this month. It’s time to make the Switch to vaping. TODAY!

This month we’re going to tell you our vape stories of becoming cigarette free, but most importantly we want to hear back from you!

We will be visiting stores, sending out surveys and giving you a chance to win amazing prizes!

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Let’s start by having a look at the most common questions when it comes to making the switch.

Is it really safer than smoking?

Let’s get some real vape facts out there. Over the years, many studies have confirmed that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, review published by Public Health England. You can also check out this video to find out what different experts think about vaping.

Isn’t it really complicated?

Don’t worry, it’s actually very easy. To take away the mystery behind it all, there are really just three types of vape device;

  • Pod devices
  • Starter kits
  • “Mods” (devices for more experienced vapers)

All of these work in the same way, a battery to power the device, a tank to hold the e-liquid and a coil to heat that liquid and create the vapour. Simple!

When it comes to choosing an e-liquid to vape, it’s all down to nicotine strength and finding a flavour that you like. We have hundreds of flavours available in store, in a variety of nicotine strengths and our staff will help you find one that’s right for you.

If you want to find out more, Vaporized also host vape tutorial events, why not sign up next time you’re in-store?

Make the switch to vaping. Vape with Vaporized

What if I won’t like the flavours?

There are plenty to choose from! Experiment, try different flavours in store, chat with our staff. E-Liquids range from traditional tobacco to candy, fruity and creamy options. There are thousands out there and Vaporized have the broadest selection in the UK.

What’s in those e-liquids, are they not full of chemicals?

Compared to cigarettes which contain over 4000 different chemicals, 60 of which are known to cause cancer….You may be surprised to hear that e-liquids contain just 3 main ingredients!

All of these are food grade ingredients that can also be found in products on your supermarket shelves. Nicotine is then added to create a variety of strengths suitable for different people.

But my battery is constantly running out and I always cave and buy pack of cigarettes, HELP!

Modern vaping kits have replaceable batteries which can be switched on the fly. Some devices come with vape as you charge technology giving you as much convenience as you need.

You can buy 18650 battery chargers to make sure you always have a spare that is ready for action.

Getting a second ecig for emergencies is also always a good idea. Phew, problem solved!

But, but….it is expensive!

Nope, just nope….a mid tier starter kit will set you back around £50 which is equivalent to around 5 packs of cigarettes and after that you only buy liquids and coils. You can calculate how much you are spending on cigarettes using the NHS calculator.

Now for the best bit of news…. if you’re smoking 20 a day, you could save nearly £3000 a year! – that’s equivalent to a pretty damn good all inclusive holiday!

What if it won’t work?

You never know until you try.  Imagine yourself, tobacco free in one year’s time, feeling better and with few thousand pounds more in your pocket!

What if it is just not for me?

If you are looking to stop smoking and you are not sure if e-cigarettes are for you check out this NHS website for useful tips of how to stop smoking. After all its 2018 and tobacco is sooooo last century… 😉

Rebecca Duncan