Product Update: Nic Shot Ice, 100 Large Eliquids and more!

the best eliquids in uk

This October we have new and amazing liquids, devices and other vaping gadgets!

See for yourself below!

Nic Shot Ice, give every vape you love a hit of ice

Nic Shots (or Nicotine Shots duh…) are used with shortfills to create 3mg liquids. If you ever wondered how to use the nic shot check out the guide on the bottle. With this newest addition you can add a cooling ice element to your favourite shortfills! Ever fancied caramel, donut, menthol eliquid or maybe you love coffee on ice? Now you can mix it yourself with Ice Nic Shot! Make every liquid the best eliquid for you!

the best eliquids in uk

We stock the best e-liquids in the UK and we are happy to present to you the newest addition to our shortfill range which features 6 distinctive flavours…

drum roll please…

100 Large Eliquids

We stock the best e-liquids in the UK and we are happy to present to you the newest addition to our shortfill range which features 6 distinctive flavours…

Banana Haze – is a ripe tasting blend of fruits with a smooth finish. The banana flavour acts as the base note, with a rich taste. A pear flavour adds depth to the blend with sweet and juicy notes. Finally, on exhale the smooth taste of hazelnut creates a rich aftertaste that complements the fruity inhale.

Zest Pest – is a sharp and punchy blend of fruit. On inhale you’re hit by a combo of lemon and lime, these flavours have a strong zesty feel, with lightly sweet notes and an overall juicy taste. The orange serves to soften the blend, but still provides a fragrant citrus kick to finish things off.

Grape Expectations – is a balance of sweet and dark notes. The blend is made up a of a trio of grape flavours. The combination of black, green and red grape fuses together through vaping providing a juicy taste undercut by sweetly tart notes. On exhale a fizzy water flavour creates a fresh finish.

Berry Cold – is a sweet and crisp combination of fruit and ice. From your first vape you’ll taste a distinctive blend of berries, with dark and red varieties providing a sweet and sharp taste for a balance of flavour. The menthol flavour is softer than most so while it adds a cooling note it doesn’t overpower the fruit.

Fresh Pink Of Bel Air – is a combination of Summery fruits with a crisp finish. The pink fruit flavour creates a tropical taste, that plays between sweet and tart for a balanced vape. On exhale, a sweetened aloe vera creates a cool and tangy finish with underlying sugary notes.

Donut Worry – is a pastry themed blend that has a layered taste and mixes sweet and creamy notes. On inhale a warm donut flavour provides a rich base, with a sweet and sharp strawberry jam following close behind. To create a smooth finish a layer of vanilla custard has been added.

the best eliquids in uk

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Still doubting that we have the best eliquids and devices in the UK? Go ahead, read on…

Ruthless – speaks for itself

Making full use of their culinary backgrounds, each Ruthless E-juice liquid is simply bursting with bold and vibrant flavours and makes for a perfect all-day vape. From mouth-watering fruit to creamy desserts, Ruthless e-liquids are firm favourites in every Vaporized UK store.

Ez Duz It – This E-Liquid flavor is a fan favorite among many vape-enthusiasts, made with a fantastic mixture of sweet strawberry and watermelon tastes.Treat yourself out to the ultimate vaping experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Ez Duz It On Ice – is the perfect vape juice for those who love vaping and enjoying the luxuries of life. Every hit delivers a great combination of strawberries, watermelon and a subtle kick of menthol to round out a unique e-liquid flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Grape Drank – is for those who enjoy the juicy flavor of grape soda and candy infused into a tasty E-Liquid. New and old vape enthusiasts will fall in love with the sweet taste that engulfs the senses in every hit. Great option for any vape-enthusiast looking for an e-cig juice that produces smooth, consistent clouds of joy.

Jungle Fever – Jungle Fever E-Juice is undoubtedly one of the best pineapple and mango E-Liquids on the market. Jungle Fever has earned its name among the top juice brands due to its amazing flavor and consistent cloud production.

Rise – Get a taste of this delightfully flavorful blend of fresh mangoes and lychees. Unlike other fruity vape juices, Rise e-juice isn’t overbearingly sweet. Rise vape juice is perfect for those searching for an all day vape with excellent cloud production.

Rise On Ice -Inhale a delicious blend of fresh mangoes, lychees, with a hint of icy-cool menthol. Unlike other fruity vape juices, Rise On Ice E-Juice isn’t overwhelmingly sweet—it’s just right. If you are looking for a refreshing all day vape you’ve come to the right place.

Slurricane – Dive into a tropical paradise with this delightful blend of peach, papaya, and guava. Slurricane E-Juice provides the perfect blend of refreshing fruit. This heavenly juice blend is smooth on the throat and mellow to the taste—perfect for an all day vape.

Swamp Thang – Straight out of the “bayous” in the great state of California, Swamp Thang e-liquid has emerged. Enjoy a delicious burst of sour candied apples, paired with a smooth and mellow throat hit. Take a walk on the flavorful-side with this unforgettable eliquid!

the best eliquids in uk

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Geek Vape Nova Mod – the beauty and the beast

Geekvape Nova is one of the best vape mods you can get now! This baby can go up as high as 200 watts! Load it with two 18650 batteries and you are almost guaranteed never to run out of power during your daily vaping! Nova also features an advanced vaping system that with a variety of unique resin and metal constructions, a compact, ergonomic style for added style, and GeekVape’s sophisticated AS200 chipset, which includes a fully equipped user control suite and a colour OLED screen.

To further customise your vaping experience you can get it in 4 different colours!

the best eliquids in uk

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JUUL now available in silver!

JUUL is the most popular and probably the best vape pod system in the world right now. If you have been living under the vape rock for the past year let me tell you why pod systems are so popular. These little ecigs are a compact size and will easily fit in your pocket, they utilise the newest technology and use a crystallized form of e-liquids hidden in little pods. This make them easy to carry, easy to refill and overall convenient to use. Vapers using pod systems also say that the experience is almost identical to smoking a real cigarette.

Now you can get JUUL in a sleek silver colour.

Rebecca Duncan