Product Update: The Bigger, The Better!

That’s right, it’s time for a product update and we have been busy gathering some of the best products just for you! We are excited to announce all of our Brand new products available NOW at a Vaporized near you!

Riot Squad Shortfills (50ml)

Riot Squad are back and have brought anarchy with their 50ml shortfill e-liquids. Three of which have had the flavours re-formulated to give more of a kick: Tropical Fury, Strawberry Scream and Smashed Apple Pie.

Tropical Fury – A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy, intense vape with a sparkly, warm aftertaste, an exotic blast of flavours.

Grapple & Slapcurrant – Slamming Flavours of pummelled Apple and whacking Blackcurrant.  Expect a bash from this one!!!

Menthol Molotov – A tropical fruit menthol attack to sabotage your senses and vandalise your taste buds. Just light the rag!

Cola Cooler – Let cola chaos reign. A virtuous cola gone mad, with a sweet underlying flavour and a pow of menthol.

Sub-Lime – Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste.

Pink Grenade – Pink Lemonade – Powerful explosive flavours of lemon, with a hint of luscious violent strawberry to shatter your senses

Smashed Apple Pie – An apple pie gone rogue. Deliciously delinquent flavours of busted butter crust, hot apple and a hint of wicked vanilla.

Strawberry Scream – A sweet outrage that will wreak havoc on your taste buds, like no other creamy strawberry candy has ever done.

Iron Bruise – Prepare for a battering, this flavour will hammer your taste buds like an Iron Bar. A refreshing wham followed by an energising citrus hit. Designed for the Brave Hearted Rioter!

Shop Riot Squad Shortfills: HERE

Burst Shortfills (50ml)

Arc’s shortfill line is Burst-ing with flavour! Including two new e-liquids joining the candy inspired originals!

NEW – Mango Burst – A ripe and juicy Mango

NEW – Melon Burst – A blend of fresh Melons

Citrus Burst – Citrus Flavoured Candy

Sher Burst – Sherbet Ice Cream Flavoured Candy

Straw Burst – Strawberry Flavoured Candy

Berry Burst – Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry Flavoured Candy

Shop Burst Shortfills: HERE

You can find additional nic shots for all of our shortfill e-liquids: HERE

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Rebecca Duncan