It’s Ok To Feel Selfish

We have an exciting month ahead with an amazing new brand taking over our stores!

We present to you the incredible Selfish range!

Selfish (50ml 0mg Shortfills)

Selfish e-liquid is designed to provide a truly premium e-liquid for everyone to enjoy.

The e-liquids contain up to three times as much concentrate (the most expensive component of any e-liquid) as other premium e-liquids on the market, delivering a vaping experience unlike any other.

There are currently five carefully mastered fruity flavours to choose from, each liberating you with a unique sensation when you inhale and exhale.

It is time to indulge and be Selfish, this e-liquid gives you a chance to own your desires and give into your guilty pleasures at the same time.

Be inspired to give up smoking and making a positive move in your life, take control and be more Selfish.

Inhale, Indulge, Inspire …

Dream – A dreamy Grape infused with hints of Peach, Guava, Lime and other Tropical flavours leaving you escaping reality as you vape away.

Pride – Love your vaping experience as you indulge in this blend of Oranges with fresh Pineapple and Berry tones.

Attitude – Inhale Attitude and exude confidence. A strong blend of powerful Strawberry and punchy Blackcurrant infused with hints of Guava and berries.

Paradise – Vape away your sins into eternal bliss with this sweet exotic blend of assorted Mangoes and other heavenly fruits.

ForbiddenGive in to your temptations as you vape this alluring Apple. Hints of Passion fruit, Guava and other Tropical fruits added for maximum pleasure.

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Rebecca Duncan