Meet The Vaporized Brand Ambassadors

Are you thinking of quitting smoking? Are you sick of the lingering smell of smoke? Have you thought about making the switch to vaping?

Meet the promo team, they are dedicated to helping you make the switch from smoking to vaping. You may have spotted them at one of our London stores or even marching through Edinburgh declaring War on Cigarettes everywhere they go.

They’ve been armed with their cigarette amnesty bin and free starter packs to give to those looking to become tobacco free.


Naomi Townsley, our Head Ambassador. Naomi has been working at Vaporized for over 3 years and now. She is hitting stores near you to help you on the journey to kicking that cigarette habit! Outside of work you can find her smashing goals (literally) at a local football club. If she were to create an e-liquid it would be chocolate Daime bar flavoured. I’m putting a vote forward for that one!

Sean Lynch our Ambassador. Sean has been working alongside Naomi for 3 weeks now and he knows how to entertain a crowd! Ladies and gents, Sean will provide you with all the expert advice you need to make the switch! Outside of work you can find him doing Cabaret all over Scotland! If he was to create any e-liquid flavour it would be pink gin (This would certainly save me a lot of money!)

Ellie McPherson our Assistant Brand Ambassador. Ellie joined the team 3 months ago and has been making the switch a fun and enjoyable experience, she has all the information you need to get started! Outside of work you can find her singing at local festivals. If she was to create any e-liquid flavour it would be rum and Coke, the perfect summer vape!

Rebecca Duncan