IQOS – The Heat Not Burn Option

We are excited to introduce a new product category to our range at Vaporized. Have you heard of heat not burn technology? Meet the IQOS device….

With our current and ever expanding range of products, we want to make sure that there truly is a solution for everyone.

Is IQOS right for me?

IQOS is specifically for current smokers or dual users (i.e people who are vaping but also still smoke cigarettes) that have been previously unsuccessful with vaping devices but are aiming to become cigarette free.

If you do not smoke cigarettes anymore or are on 0mg e-liquids with your vaping device we do not recommend this device for you!

With the addition of heat not burn products to our range, now there really are no excuses not to make the switch and start your journey to becoming cigarette free!

What is IQOS and what does Heat Not Burn mean?

IQOS is an innovative heat not burn device that is aimed to help smokers and dual users quit traditional cigarettes altogether. Boasting the most authentic replication of the smoking experience obtained from cigarettes- minus the ash and smoke!

A heat not burn device works by heating – not burning – specially formulated tobacco. This tobacco is heated using a small filament located inside the device as opposed to physical combustion. This significantly reduces the levels of harmful chemicals generated when compared to cigarette smoke.[1]

Both Heat Not Burn and vape device systems produce vapour which is colourless, mostly odourless and doesn’t leave unwanted stains on ceilings and fingers, unlike traditional cigarettes. The only difference between the two is that vaping devices heat e-liquid and heat not burn devices heat specially formulated tobacco.

I have more questions,  who can I ask?

If you’re looking to become cigarette free but have previously struggled to stay on your journey with vaping devices, or if you’re vaping and still smoking cigarettes then IQOS is a great solution to look in to. Our store staff can answer any questions you may have about how heated tobacco technology works.

Visit one of over 100 stores nationwide to chat with our specialists and begin your journey to becoming cigarette free today.

The IQOS heat not burn device is now available online and at over 110 Vaporized stores nationwide!

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[1] – *Source: Comparison of HPHC concentrations (mass per unit volume of aerosol/cigarette smoke) obtained under intense puffing conditions (Health Canada method for cigarettes and IQOS, CORESTA recommended method 81 for e-cigarettes), based on data available to PMI in 201, IQOS Website

Rebecca Duncan