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Do you want to change to the newest, most innovative and successful alternative to smoking? Have you spent hours trawling through pages and pages of information? Are you bamboozled with the vast amount of information about electronic cigarettes?

Whether an old hand at ‘vaping’ or a new customer, let us at Vaporized try and answer your questions and queries. If you still can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to email our customer support or pop into one of our stores nationwide where our staff will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

General (4)

What is an electronic cigarette (e-cig)?

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, green smokes, vaporizers and smokeless cigarettes are all part of the revolutionary movement to help people switch from smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. It’s the closest thing to a real cigarette except nothing burns so there is no smoke!

Vaporized has specially selected electronic cigarettes that are easy to use. They are battery operated and come with an extensive array of over 300 varieties of e-liquid that will suit all tastes!


In a standard e-cigarette you get two components; a battery and a clearomizer/tank. You fill the clearomizer/tank with e-liquid, attach it to the battery and you’re ready to go!

It works by forming a vapor that you inhale and feels very similar to when you inhale the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

It is however not smoke, it is a water–based vapor that transforms the moment you inhale. This happens due to a heating element in the clearomizer (also known as the cartomizer and atomizer) which, when the battery is activated, heats up the e-liquid and turns it into a vapor.

The battery is rechargeable and the e-liquid comes in many different flavours and nicotine strengths (including nicotine free), giving you complete choice to INHALE THE FREEDOM.

Which e-cig starter kit should I get?

Vaporized stocks a variety of e-cigarette starter kits that vary to meet the needs of a range of customers requirements. Which kit you decide on is entirely dependent upon your needs.

Our top selling starter kit is our Silver E-Cig Starter Kit which we find meets most first-time customers needs. It includes two “pen-style” e-cigarettes, a USB charger, plug adapator and a battery charging bag.

If you’re after something with a bit more power and a wider variety of features, we also stock a wide range of mod kits, however if you’re a new starter, we would advise speaking to one of our members of staff to ensure that you get the kit that is most suitable to your needs.

Still have more questions?

The staff at Vaporized are always happy to assist and advise you. Either pop into one of our stores nationwide, send us an email, or contact us via Facebook and Twitter.

How much do e-cigarettes cost to use?

If you are switching from tobacco cigarettes and are using electronic cigarettes as a complete or part replacement, you’ll probably be wondering how much e-cigarettes cost to use by comparison.

While the initial e-cigarette may be a bit more of an investment, when it comes to buying top-up e-liquids, you’ll find yourself paying a very small percentage of what you were spending on tobacco cigarettes.

We at Vaporized have been so impressed with the savings you can make that we have created a savings calculator app so you too can easily see exactly how much you could save by making the switch!

Simply enter the number of cigarettes you smoke a day and how much you spend on a pack of 20, and you’ll be able to see how much you could save per month, and per year!

E-Cig Savings Calculator

Cigarettes Per Day:


Price Per Pack (of 20):


Price per e-juice bottle £
One e-juice bottle equals   pack(s)

How long does one 10ml e-liquid bottle last?

Generally speaking, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid should last between 4 to 7 days, but again this is very dependent upon how often you vape and what kind of hardware you’re using.

We usually find that an average smoker of 15 cigarettes a day using a 10ml e-liquid won’t need to replace their bottle of e-liquid for a week.

E-Liquid (9)

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid (also commonly referred to as “e-juice”, “juice”, “oil”, or simply “liquid”) is what an electronic cigarette uses to create vapour. The heating element or coil in the e-cig vapourises the liquid and creates an inhalable vapour or mist.

The main purpose of this is to deliver nicotine without any burning, smoke, or inhaling the harmful chemicals usually associated with conventional cigarettes.

You can find out more about e-liquid in our other FAQs:
What Are The Ingredients Of E-Liquid?
What Is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?
What Is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

What are the ingredients of e-liquid?

The two main ingredients in your e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). E-liquid also usually contains nicotine and some sort of flavouring and there are a large variety of different flavours to choose from.

You can have varying levels of PG, VG and nicotine in your liquids, generally depending on the vendor or manufacturer you purchase your liquid from.

What mixes of PG/VG are there?

The most common PG/VG mixes are usually 80/20 PG/VG, 70/30 PG/VG, 50/50 PG/VG, 100 PG (Max PG), and 100 VG (Max VG). You can usually find this information on the bottle.

What strengths of nicotine are there?

E-liquid is available in various strengths of nicotine as well, the most typical strengths being 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

You will sometimes see this represented in percentage form as well, in which case it would be 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%.

What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable glycerin is an organic compound, usually extracted from plants such as coconut. It is widely used throughout the catering, medical and pharmaceutical industries for various purposes.

The food industry uses VG mainly as a sweetener, but also as a preservative and thickening agent. The medical and pharmaceutical industries use it for things like cough syrups, toothpastes and various different skin care products. Cosmetics companies use VG most commonly in moisturisers as it helps the skin retain its natural moisture.

What does vegetable glycerin do?

The effect that VG has with regards to the e-liquid used for your electronic cigarette is the amount of vapour produced. An e-liquid with a higher percentage of VG will produce more vapour than one with a higher percentage of PG.

However, vapour production is also affected by other contributing factors such as air flow and resistance of your coil.

Is vegetable glycerine toxic?

As you can probably guess from the wide range of uses listed above, you have probably eaten, ingested or used many products that contain vegetable glycerin on a daily basis without even realising. It is non-toxic.

Can I be allergic to vegetable glycerin?

The risk of being allergic to vegetable glycerin is very low.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene glycol is an odourless, colourless liquid that is mixable in water. It has a variety of uses and applications, and you probably come across it everyday without realising it at all.

Some common uses of it include smoke machines in nightclubs, air conditioning units and inhalers.

What does propylene glycol do?

Propylene glycol affects the sensation on your throat while vaping – usually referred to as a “throat hit”. Generally speaking, the higher the PG content of the liquid the stronger the throat hit will be. The level of nicotine also affects this sensation as well.

This is very useful for people who have been heavy smokers for a very long time and want something that will give them that “hit” in the throat that they have come to expect from their brand of cigarettes.

Is propylene glycol toxic?

One of the common myths about the propylene glycol is that it is used in anti-freeze and that it is toxic. This myth is based on the inaccurate information caused by confusing it with another ingredient called ethylene glycol.

Ethylene glycol is toxic and is used very widely in anti-freeze. PG is classified as “generally recognised as safe” by the US Food & Drug Administration board, as it shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being genotoxic.

PG is sometimes used in anti-freeze because is it a non-toxic alternative to ethylene glycol. Just because something is used in anti-freeze doesn’t make it toxic; one of the other main ingredients in anti-freeze is water!

Can I be allergic to propylene glycol?

Something to be aware of, however, is that it is possible to be allergic to PG, but this is very rare and a very easy issue to deal with and resolve. E-liquid does not need to have propylene glycol in it, so to resolve the issue all you need to do is get some e-liquid that is 100% vegetable glycerine (VG) based and contains no PG.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical known as an alkaloid. Nicotine can be found in several types of plants, including (obviously) the tobacco plant.

Nicotine is also produced synthetically and this is the most commonly found type used in e-liquid. Nicotiana tabacum, the type of nicotine found in tobacco plants, comes from the nightshade family of plants. Red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes are other examples of the nightshade family.

Is nicotine toxic?

In large doses, nicotine is poisonous. However, in smaller doses, the effect is similar to caffeine. It increases alertness and can also cause increased heart rate and blood pressure. Several studies have shown no adverse effects of long term nicotine use, although there have not yet been conclusive studies based on humans.

It is of course addictive, but with the varying levels of nicotine available in e-liquid you can actually use it as a way of gradually reducing your intake. This is one of the major advantages of electronic cigarettes.

What nicotine strength is right for me?

The nicotine strength of your e-liquid is entirely dependent on your needs. We sell over 350 flavours of e-liquid in a variety of strengths from 20mg all the way down to 0mg, so we’ll be able to cater to whatever your requirements may be.

Using the wrong strength of nicotine can lead to an overdose, which can cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, vivid dreams, fast pulse and many other side effects. Alternatively, using a nicotine strength that’s too low might have you still craving those cigarettes.

Here’s a general guide that can help you work out the correct nicotine strength for you:

E-liquid nicotine strength: Suitable for people smoking:
3mg/ml or 0.3% (Very low) Up to 5 cigarettes a day
6mg/ml or 0.6% (Low) Up to 10 cigarettes a day
12mg/ml or 1.2% (Medium) Up to 20 cigarettes a day
18mg/ml or 1.8% (High) Up to 30 cigarettes a day
20mg/ml or 2.0% (Very high) Up to 40 cigarettes a day

You can also find out more about which nicotine strength is right for you in this article on Vaporized Blog.

What type of e-liquid is suitable for my e-cig?

With so many varieties of tank and battery combinations, it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this without knowing exactly what setup you are using. However, here are a few general guidelines that we would advise:

General Guidelines

– The higher the PG level, the stronger the “throat hit” will be
– The higher the VG level, the more vapour will be produced
– Typically the sweeter the e-liquid, the less lifespan you’ll get out of the coil

Pen-Style Devices

– To get the most out of your device, stick to our VO Range, UK Range and US Range
– Use 50% PG/50% VG e-liquids or higher PG liquids to prevent coil wicking issues

Sub Ohm Devices

– Do not use a nicotine strength higher than 6mg
– Use a high VG e-liquid (50% PG/50% VG and above)

Dripper Devices

– Do not use a nicotine strength higher than 6mg (although depending on your build and wattage, 6mg may still be too strong)
– Use a high VG e-liquid (30% PG/70% VG and above)

Do any of the e-liquids you stock contain Diacetyl?

Wherever possible, and to the best of our knowledge, none of the e-liquids we stock contain diacetyl.

We currently do not take on any new e-liquid lines unless they can provide us with independent test results that indicate that no diacetyl was detected in any of the e-liquids.

Any time in the past when we have had the e-liquids we stock tested for these emissions and they have been found, we have pulled them from sale immediately.

Troubleshooting (3)

Why won’t my e-cig battery switch on?

Does your e-cigarette battery not seem to work? There are a few things that might be causing this. Check through our troubleshooting guide of common reasons why your battery won’t work and how you can fix it:

1. Our batteries have a 5 click on/off function which means you have to click it 5 times to turn it on and then 5 times to turn it off. This reduces battery power being wasted whilst being in your bag or pocket.

2. Make sure that the battery has been fully charged. It takes between 2-3 hours to charge your battery.

3. Attach the battery to the charger and make sure that the USB light is on. This indicates that it is connected and charging properly.

4. If you gently clean inside the connecting part of the battery with a piece of dry tissue. This often helps with the connection as it occasionally can get dirty.

Still not working? Contact us online or pop in to one of our stores with the battery, USB charger, and plug if you are using one.

It could be one thing rather than all and we will be happy to replace any faulty products as long as you are able to provide proof of purchase and the battery was purchased in the last three months.

Why is my e-cig bubbling/gurgling?

For the most part, it is perfectly normal for an e-cigarette to make a slight gurgling sound or for bubbles to appear in the tank/clearomiser. These are created by the e-liquid being heated by the coil and the coil re-saturating itself.

However, if your e-cig is excessively gurgling or bubbling when you draw on it, it could mean that your tank/clearomiser is flooded.

You can usually fix this with the following steps:

1. Place a piece of tissue over the drip tip and turn your e-cig upside down to drain any excess e-liquid caught in the chimney
2. Check the wick holes on the coil to make sure they are fully covering the holes
3. Unscrew and reattach the coil to ensure that it is seated properly

What causes e-cig flooding?

The most common cause of e-cig flooding is due to a coil not being seated correctly. Other causes could be that the e-liquid isn’t being vaporised quickly enough due to short, quick draws and/or not vaping at a high enough wattage. It’s also possible that the cotton in the coil is not fully covering the wick holes.

Why does my e-cig taste burnt?

A burnt taste from your e-cigarette is usually an indication that your current coil has burned out and needs changing, but there are other reasons as to why your e-cigarette tastes burnt.


This is the most common reason for why an e-cigarette tastes burnt. We recommend changing the coil on your e-cigarette roughly every 7 to 14 days.


The burnt taste could also indicate that your current coil isn’t wicking properly. This is usually indicated by what is called a “dry hit” which is where you take a puff but there is no e-liquid on the wick. Check to make the liquid channels are free from obstruction and don’t let your e-liquid levels run too low.


Some mod batteries have multiple modes, such as Bypass Mode or Temperature Control, in addition to the standard wattage mode and require specific coils to use. Another common reason for a burnt taste is that you are using your battery in mechanical or temperature control mode whilst not using the correct coil.


If you have a variable voltage battery and are getting a burnt taste when you take a puff, you may have the voltage set too high. Coils and e-liquids react differently to different voltages, so you need to adjust your e-cigs voltage accordingly.


The least likely reason is that your battery is faulty and is causing undesired spikes in power to your coil, heating it at a higher rate than you intend. In these cases, we recommend you stop using the battery and replace it.

You can help prevent some of these situations happening and even potentially prolong the life of your coil by making sure you have properly primed it. To find out how, read our guide on How To Prime An E-Cig Coil.

Guides (4)

How to set up your e-cigarette

Switching from traditional tobacco to an e-cigarette for the first time can seem daunting for beginners as the two are very different to use. However once they’ve been shown how to use them, many of our new starters are surprised at just how easy it is!

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to set up your e-cigarette based on our selection of Starter Kits:


1. Turn the tank upside down so that the mouthpiece is pointing down, then unscrew the base of the tank
2. Fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid. Be careful not to fill above the center post or get any liquid inside it
3. Screw the base back on, but make sure you don’t overtighten. Leave the filled tank to sit for 10 mins to ensure the coil is saturated
4. Screw the tank onto the battery, but make sure you don’t overtighten
5. To turn the battery on, click the button five times. It will flash to show it’s activated. Another five clicks will turn it off
6. When you want to vape, hold the button down on the battery, inhale, then release the button


1. Unscrew the mouthpiece at the top of the tank. Remember to keep it upright
2. Fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid to no higher than the 2.0ml line
3. Screw the mouthpiece back on, but make sure you don’t overtighten. Leave the filled tank to sit for 10 mins to ensure the coil is saturated
4. Screw the tank onto the battery, but make sure you don’t overtighten
5. To turn the battery on, click the button five times. It will flash to show it’s activated. Another five clicks will turn it off
6. When you want to vape, hold the button down on the battery, inhale, then release the button


  • When your standard battery needs charging, the light on the button will glow red instead of blue
  • On our variable voltage batteries, the light will flash

To charge your battery, simply unscrew it from your tank then screw it into the supplied charger:
This can be plugged into a USB port on a laptop or PC, or an AC mains adaptor (we do not recommend iPhone/iPod adaptors). While charging, the light on the charger may pulse.

When the battery is fully charged, the light will change to a solid green.


The heating element in your tank (called the coil) will last on average 10-14 days:
The coil unscrews from the base of your tank and is replaceable. You can find the coils that are suitable for your clearomiser in the Replacement Coils section of our website, or simply ask a member of staff in-store to help you get the right ones.

Look out for these signs to know when your coil needs to be replaced:

  • Restricted or no draw
  • Vapour has a ‘burnt’ flavour
  • Large amounts of liquid leaking from the tank

When changing a coil, leave the filled tank to sit for around 10 minutes before use to ensure that the coil is properly saturated in e-liquid.


How to prime an e-cig coil

What does priming an e-cig coil mean?

“Priming” essentially means saturating your coil with e-liquid before using it for the first time.

Priming an e-cigarette coil is a common method used to ensure that the cotton inside a coil is fully saturated, reducing the chances of getting a dry hit. Properly priming a coil can provide you with a better overall vaping experience, and potentially even prolong the life of a coil.

Our priming guide below is typically for whenever you install a new coil, however it can also be applied if you believe that the saturation level of your current coil has gotten too low – usually indicated by a decrease in flavour or getting a “dry hit”.

There are many types of e-cigarette coils – they may look slightly different, but methods described in this guide are similar for most models. If you’re looking for a brand new e-cig coil to suit your tank, make sure to check the “Replacement e-cig coils” section on our website.

Step by step coil priming guide:

Step 1: Make sure your coil is removed from the tank for easy access.

Typical e-cigarette tank disassembled.

Step 2: If you have an open top coil, place a few drops of e-liquid on top of the coil until it appears to be fully saturated. If your coil does not have an open top, place a couple of drops in the wick holes on the side until it’s fully saturated. Put the coil back into the tank/clearomizer.

Priming e-cig coils.

Step 3: Fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid and re-attach the mod/battery.

Filling tank with e-liquid.

Step 4: Without pressing the button to activate the battery, take 3-5 gentle draws on your e-cig. If your tank/clearomiser has an adjustable airflow, you may find it easier to carry out by reducing or closing the airflow in order to create a better seal.

E-cig tank airflow controls.

Step 5: Let your e-cigarette sit for around 5-10 minutes to ensure the coil is fully saturated.

Step 6: If you find that you’ve pulled in too much liquid, place a piece of tissue over the drip tip and turn your e-cig upside down to drain the excess. If you can, adjust the voltage on your battery to suit the recommended rating for your coil (which can be found on the packaging or on the coil itself). Your coil should now be ready for use. Happy vaping!

Coil rating and power setting.

If you have any further questions about tanks, coils, liquids or anything vaping-related, please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or email them at support@vaporized.co.uk.

E-cigarette battery safety guide


  • Turn your battery off when not in use
  • Only use the recommended charging equipment
  • Don’t overtighten your battery when attaching it to your charger
  • Don’t leave your battery unattended when charging
  • Don’t leave your battery charging overnight
  • Once your battery has finished charging, remove it from the charger as soon as possible
  • Don’t use your battery if it is damaged, looks swollen, or feels hot
  • Don’t expose your battery to extreme heat or cold
  • Avoid direct contact with water
  • If your battery needs cleaning, use tissue or alcohol wipes


  • Don’t store battery cells in your pocket with other metal objects (coins, keys etc.) as this can short out the battery
  • Store spare battery cells in a safe area, or in a plastic storage case
  • Don’t use your battery if it is damaged, looks swollen, or feels hot
  • Do not use a battery if the external PVC wrapper is damaged in any way
  • Only use the recommended charging equipment
  • Don’t leave your battery unattended when charging
  • Don’t leave your battery charging overnight
  • Once your battery has finished charging, remove it from the charger as soon as possible
  • Don’t expose your battery to extreme heat or cold
  • Avoid direct contact with water


  • Turn your mod off when not in use
  • Don’t use your mod if it is damaged or feels hot
  • Only use the recommended charging equipment
  • Don’t overtighten your mod when attaching it to your charger
  • Don’t leave your mod unattended when charging
  • Don’t leave your mod charging overnight
  • Once your mod has finished charging, remove it from the charger as soon as possible
  • Don’t expose your mod to extreme heat or cold
  • Avoid direct contact with water
  • If your mod needs cleaning, use tissue or alcohol wipes


How to change a coil on the Kanger Pangu

The Kanger Pangu introduces the “Clean Hands Coil” system which allows you to easily change coils without taking the tank apart or draining it – keeping your hands free of any of the potential juicy mess that often comes with changing a coil.

As the new system differs from traditional coils, it can be a bit confusing the first time you try to change a coil. To help you out, here’s our guide on how to change a coil on the Kanger Pangu:

1. If the tank is drained of e-liquid, you can change the coil from the top. If the tank still has e-liquid inside of it, you will need to turn the tank upside down. This is to prevent juice from leaking inside the chamber and flooding it
2. Remove the drip tip from the tank to expose the top of the currently installed PGOCC coil
3. Prime your new PGOCC coil by dripping a few drops of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton areas until it looks saturated
4. Insert the new coil into the tank
5. If you need to top up the tank with e-liquid, make sure the tank is turned the right way up and refill it with your e-liquid of choice
6. You can adjust the juice flow by twisting the tank to expose more or less of the cotton. We’d typically recommend keeping it fully open unless unless you’re using it with thinner liquids and the 1.5 ohm coil, or closing it off completely to prevent any possible flooding or leaking when not using it for a long period of time
7. Re-attach the drip tip

Once you’ve reattached the drip tip, you’re good to go, however we would recommend giving a fresh coil a quick prime by covering the airhole on the tank and taking a few dry draws to pull some liquid into the coil. You should only need to take 3-5 draws but watch the window for bubbles. Once the large bubbles stop, your coil is primed.

Coils (3)

What coil resistance should I use in my e-cig?

Unless you are specifically using a sub ohm device, this typically comes down to personal preference. Below is a summary of pros and cons for using high or low resistance coils.

Low resistance coils

· More vapour produced
· Warmer vapour
· Potentially more intense flavour
· Drains battery quicker
· Increased likelihood of dry hits
· Uses more e-liquid per puff

High resistance coils

· Less vapour produced
· Cooler vapour
· Potentially more intense flavour
· Drains battery slower
· Less chance of dry hits
· Uses less e-liquid per puff

Some devices are only capable of using a certain resistance of coils, for example a standard or variable voltage battery won’t support sub ohm resistances. You can find out what resistances a tank, clearomiser or battery supports in the product descriptions on our website.

What difference does coil resistance make?

E-cigarette coils are available in a variety of resistances which can be found printed on the packaging and typically on the coil itself. These are indicated by a number followed by the word “ohms” or the symbol “Ω” – for example 0.5 ohms or 0.5 Ω.

What are ohms?

Coil resistance is measured in “ohms” which essentially indicates how quickly electricity is able to travel through something. In short, the lower the coil resistance, the easier it is for electricity from your battery to travel through the coil.

How does the coil resistance affect my e-cig?

Essentially, the lower the coil resistance the quicker the coil will heat up, creating more vapour and typically a warmer hit. A higher coil resistance will take longer for the coil to heat up, producing less vapour and typically a cooler hit.

What is sub-ohm vaping?

As explained in our FAQ about e-cig coil resistances, an ohm is the unit used to measure the resistance of a coil. Any coil with a resistance lower than 1.0 ohm is considered a sub ohm coil.

What are the benefits of sub ohm vaping?

Sub ohm vaping has become increasingly popular among more experienced vapers due to a variety of benefits it provides, primarily higher vapour production and usually an increase in e-liquid flavour.

How can I start sub ohm vaping?

The majority of high-end e-cigarette hardware produced typically supports sub ohm vaping, but you can confirm this by checking the product description on the product page. Alternatively, we sell a variety of complete mod kits which support sub ohm vaping.

It’s also recommended that you use higher VG percentage e-liquid, such as those found in our Premium E-Liquid ranges, and no higher than 6mg strength of nicotine. This is due to the fact that sub ohm vaping produces higher vapour production, meaning a PG and nicotine heavy e-liquid will give a harsher throat which can be unpleasant.

Note: You require both a battery and a tank/clearomiser that support sub ohm vaping. You cannot use a sub ohm tank on a standard or variable voltage eGo battery.

Website (2)

Can I buy online and collect in store?

Unfortunately we currently don’t provide a click and collect service for you to purchase products from the website and collect them in one of our stores.

If you’re concerned that a specific product you want might be out of stock in your local store, we advise contacting the store directly. You can find details for all of our stores on our Store Finder page.

Are your deals/clearance products online exclusives?

Yes. Unless stated otherwise on the product description, all the prices of our deals, sales and clearance products are exclusive to the online store.

All non-deal/sale/clearance products are the same price online as they are in-store.

Clearomizers/Tanks (2)

What is RBA/RDA vaping?

The terms RBA and RDA refer to “rebuildable atomizers” (RBA) and “rebuildable dripping atomizers” (RDA) – also commonly referred to as “drippers”.

Unlike a standard e-cig tank or clearomizer, an RBA or RDA doesn’t support pre-built coils and requires the user to build their own, using wire and cotton (sold separately).

Most newer models of tanks and clearomizers will typically include an RBA deck which a user can attach to the bottom in place of the standard deck that holds a pre-built coil. It’s on this deck that a user can build and wick their own coil while still enjoying the ability to have a tank filled with e-liquid.

RDA vaping, or “dripping”, is named as such because rather than having a tank to hold your e-liquid, users are required to drip their e-liquid directly onto the wick. RDAs are also typically much shorter in size and feature a wider drip trip than standard tanks and clearomizers.

Why do people use RBA/RDA?

The most common reasons for a user choosing to use an RBA or RDA is that they want a greater level of customisation over the power of their e-cig (primarily for bigger clouds) and because it can be more cost effective than buying pre-built coils.

How can I start RBA/RDA vaping?

Before starting RBA/RDA vaping, we would highly recommend talking to one of our members of staff and doing some research online around Ohms Law and coil wrapping and wicking techniques.

Is my clearomizer/tank compatible with my e-cig battery?

There are two main factors you need to look out for when checking whether your clearomizer/tank is compatible with a battery – does it have the correct threading/connection, and does the battery support the required voltage output.


There are two types of common threading/connection types on e-cigarette clearomizers/tanks and batteries – eGo and 510.

Male eGo threading/connection is found on batteries and is usually raised above the top of the battery. It is circular and has two cutaway sections that create two slots in the circle.

Female eGo threading/connection is found on clearomizers/tank and is usually recessed into the bottom of the hardware. When looking at the inside of it from the bottom, you should see threading around the base of the connection and usually the pin from the coil in the center.

Male 510 threading is found on tanks and simply looks like the bottom of a screw that goes into the female 510 threading which is found on batteries.

You can find out what type of threading/connection a piece of hardware has by checking the product description for it on our website.


Some of our larger tanks (typically those with a 510 threading) require a higher voltage than our standard and variable voltage “pen-style” batteries are capable of putting out.

In addition, tanks that support temperature control, rebuildable or sub ohm coils will require a battery capable of firing at the required resistances and/or support the specific battery mode. These batteries are typically found in our battery mods section.

You can find out what type of voltage a piece of hardware requires by checking the product description for it on our website.

If you are still uncertain as to whether a certain piece of hardware is compatible with another, please contact us via our live chat or at support@vaporized.co.uk.

Health (3)

Is it safe to use e-cigarettes whilst pregnant?

We’re not medical professionals, and whilst e-cigarettes have been proven to be 95% less harmful than tobacco, it would be best to consult with your GP if you are looking to use e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

Whilst e-liquid is primarily made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are non-toxic, there is a very low chance that you could be allergic to either of those ingredients.

The majority of e-liquid also contains nicotine which is addictive and can be poisonous in very large doses, but nicotine-free e-liquid is also available.

Will electronic cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Vaporized makes no claim that electronic cigarettes will help you quit smoking, and they are not recognized as a nicotine replacement therapy.

That said, many of the prescribed medicines such as patches, inhalers, sprays and even gum all contain nicotine and are accepted as medicine or a way to help you quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are a way to get nicotine into your system and many Vaporized customers use them to replace tobacco cigarettes.

How much nicotine is in e-liquid?

Since all of our nicotine e-liquids have clearly labelled strengths that vary between 0mg to 24mg, it places the choice and control in your hands. You can find out more about what strength is right for you here.

Many of our customers start on higher strengths of nicotine, then slowly reduce the strength over time to a nicotine-free e-liquid, before stopping using their e-cigarette altogether. Others will continue to use their e-cigarette as a way to stop them going back to traditional cigarettes.

When should I reduce my nicotine strength?

It’s best to do this over a longer period of time, and not to rush to reduce your nicotine content. A good time to reduce your nicotine strength would be when you notice that you’re not using your e-cigarette as much, or you perhaps leave it at home and don’t notice!

So, will it help me quit?

As with most of the nicotine replacement products that are on the market, e-cigarettes may help you quit smoking but they do require a combination of willpower and correct usage.

For more information, please read this blog post about Public Health England’s report on e-cigarettes and how they can be used to quit.

What if I have a reaction when using my e-cigarette?

We aren’t doctors and this is only a set of guidelines, but if you feel that you are having a side effects or a reaction from using your e-cig, here are a few points to consider.

Do you have a dry mouth?

Most e-liquid contains propylene glycol (PG) which can cause slight dehydration and therefore dry your mouth and throat a little. We recommend drinking a little more water than you regularly consume when switching to an e-cig which should help.

Having headaches?

You may be using a higher strength of nicotine than necessary. We recommend trying a lower mg of nicotine, as well as switching to a lower PG (propylene glycol) level. Our premium e-liquids have a lower level of PG than our other ranges and may be better suited to you.

Still concerned?

For both these symptoms, it could be possible that you are overusing your e-cig. This, again, is only a consideration and can differ from person to person. These are only guidelines but if your symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

Batteries (4)

How do I know if my e-cig battery is charged?

With so many different variations of e-cigarette batteries, finding out if your e-cig battery is charged really depends on what type of battery you have and how you charge it.

Pen-Style Battery

If you have an pen-style battery, you can tell if your e-cig battery is charged by connecting it to your supplied charger and looking at the LED on the charger.

– If the LED is green, then your e-cigarette battery is fully charged.

– If the LED is red, then your e-cigarette battery needs charging.

You can tell when your battery has run out of charge by pressing the button on the battery. If it isn’t firing and the LED on the battery button flashes several times, this indicates that the battery needs charging.

Battery Mod

The majority of e-cigarette battery mods have an LED screen which has a battery charge indicator showing how much battery your mod currently has.

If you have a battery mod that doesn’t have an LED screen and takes replaceable batteries, you can tell if your e-cig battery is charged by removing the replaceable battery/batteries and placing them in your charger.

– If the LED on the charger is green, then your replaceable battery is fully charged.

– If the LED on the charger is red, then your replaceable battery needs charging.

You can tell when your battery has run out of charge by pressing the button on the battery. If it isn’t firing and the battery charge indicator on the battery LED (if your mod has one) is showing as empty and/or flashes several times, this indicates that the battery needs charging.

For more information on how to get the most out of your e-cigarette battery, please read our E-Cigarette Battery Safety Guide.

How long does an e-cig battery last per charge?

How long your e-cig battery lasts depends on a variety of factors such as which battery you are using and how often you use your electronic cigarette.

Some estimates on general battery life per charge are:

·         Small (400mAh) – 4 to 6 hours

·         Medium (650mAh) – 6 to 8 hours

·         Large (900mAh) – 8 to 10 hours

·         X Large (1100mAh+) – 12 hours

What battery size you need highly depends on your lifestyle and usage, but for your convenience, we also have USB chargers and car chargers so you can always be fully charged through the day.

For those of you out there who work long hours, we would recommend getting a battery mod which typically have a larger battery life span.

Alternatively for new starters, we would recommend a starter kit that has at least two batteries (or simply purchasing an additional identical battery) so that when you are out and about or working a long shift, you can be happy in the knowledge that your other battery is sitting happily at home being charged.

What is Bypass Mode on my e-cig battery?

If you own an e-cigarette mod battery, you may have a feature known as Bypass Mode (or Mechanical Mode). What this mode does is essentially allow the battery to operate as if it were a mechanical mod.

How do mechanical mods work?

The way a mechanical mod works is rather than using a preset variable wattage, it will fire the battery with the maximum amount of wattage currently available in the battery.

Can I use any coil in Bypass Mode?

We recommend only using kanthal wire coils if you’re using a battery in Bypass Mode. This is due to the fact that other coil wire materials (such as nickel or titanium) are more prone to overheating in this mode which can not only make for an unpleasant vape but can also potentially ruin your coil and/or hardware.

Why would I use Bypass Mode?

Bypass Mode is particularly popular with vapers who prefer to build their own coils as the feature allows your battery to fire at a much lower resistance than normal.

A lower coil resistance allows the e-liquid to be heated and vaporised at a faster rate, typically producing larger clouds and potentially better flavour (see our FAQ on sub ohm vaping for more information).

For more information on how to get the most out of your e-cigarette battery, please read our E-Cigarette Battery Safety Guide.

What wattage/voltage should I use on my e-cigarette?

With so many variables, there’s no real definitive answer when it comes to what wattage/voltage you should use on your e-cigarette. What coil resistance, e-liquid, tank or battery you are using, as well as your personal vaping preferences, all come into consideration when choosing what wattage/voltage works for you.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to deciding what wattage or voltage to use on your e-cigarette is to start low and slowly increase with every few vapes until you find the setting that you are happy with.

If you’re after some guideline wattages or voltages to use, you can usually find this information printed on the coil packaging or even on the coil itself. We would recommend never setting the wattage/voltage below the recommended guideline as it will cause leaking and battery wastage issues.

If you find yourself unhappy with the vape you’re getting at the lowest recommended wattage/voltage, we recommend trying a different airflow setting. If you still aren’t satisfied, it’s possible that the tank or coil type you are using isn’t suitable for the type of vape you’re looking for and it would be worth changing hardware.

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