Brand New: BURST Shortfills!

Vaporized shortfills

Summer has officially arrived here at Vaporized and it has come in the form of BURST Shortfills!

Six fruit packed e-liquids for you to kick back and enjoy with your sunglasses on and a cocktail in hand. It’s Summer…why not?!

Burst is a fruity candy style e-liquid line inspired by a particular sweet we can all agree we enjoy!

Online now and landing at a Vaporized near you this week

Straw-Burst: A juicy pink strawberry e-liquid, packed with flavour you may need more than one!

Sher-Burst: Ice cream, mixed fruit and candy with a generous helping of sherbert on top. This is one of our favourite e-liquids this summer!

Citrus-Burst: A citrus sherbert flavoured e-liquid with the hint of chewy sweets, perfect if you are looking for a light and refreshing vape.

Berry-Burst: Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry swirled in together for one super fruity flavoured e-liquid.

Melon-Burst: Honeydew and Cantaloupe smashed together to make this Melon-Burst flavoured e-liquid. To all melon lovers out there this is the one for you!   

Mango-Burst: This sweet mango flavoured e-liquid will leave you questioning where it’s been all your life!  

You can view the full range of Burst Short-fill e-liquids here.

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Rebecca Duncan