Travelling with E-cigarettes: 4 useful tips from Vaporized Blog

Travelling with e-cigarettes

We all know that going through airport security can often be stressful with the increased security measures that have crept in over the last few years. With constantly changing lists of prohibited items that are often confusing, there is no wonder you rather leave your favourite face-cream or aftershave at home rather than having it thrown in the bin.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many people wonder whether to take their electronic cigarette with them when they fly. It’s often not just a question of going through security, but if you have a long flight, it’s a question of whether you can use it on the plane!

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new innovation so they can be a grey area from country to country, as well as from airline to airline. There is a common misconception that because electronic cigarettes are an electronic device, that they wouldn’t be allowed on an airplane but, in fact, they are. Here are a few tips about travelling with your electronic cigarette.

Tip 1: Contact your airline company

This tip is the very first step you should take when preparing to travel with your e-cigarettes.

The bottom line is that e-cigs are allowed on airplanes. That being said, this doesn’t mean that you can use the e-cigs while on the plane. Although e-cigs are smokeless, currently airlines include e-cigs in the No-Smoking rule in order to prevent concern and alarm on the aircraft.

Despite the electronic cigarette being allowed through security in carry-on bags, specific airline companies may have their own further regulations. For example, certain airlines may only let you fly with one battery. Ask your airline company what their specific policy is on travelling with e-cigs, or look at their list of prohibited items on their website.

Tip 2: Take electronic cigarettes in carry-on luggage

E-cigarettes have recently been banned from checked luggage, due to the possibility of them causing a fire risk. This means that you can only take an e-cigarette in your carry-on bag.

Tip 3: Separate the battery from the cartomizer

If you have a cartomizer or clearomizer, then take it off of the battery and put it into the tray with your other battery-operated/metal objects when going through security. This makes things a little easier because if the security staff stop to ask what it is, they won’t need to unpack your whole bag to find out. This avoids unwanted attention and delays for you.

Tip 4: Only bring a small container of e-juice

The regulations about electronic cigarettes may be a new and changing thing but one thing that is certain is the regulations about liquids. Any liquids in your carry-on bag can’t be over 100ml – and this applies to your e-liquid! Be sure to not exceed this amount and remember to pop them in the plastic see-through bag with your other liquids. If your tank is filled, take it off of your battery and also pop it in your see-through bag. Should you have a bottle of e-liquid that exceeds this, and it is paramount that you take it with you, then wrap it very well and put in your checked luggage. This should be done with caution because checked bags are often handled roughly and your bottle could get damaged.

This list is not exclusive and all rules and regulations are subject to change. These are only guidelines and Vaporized strongly recommends contacting the airline company you are travelling with.