Reward Points

rewards graphic

By signing up for a Vaporized member account, you can earn reward points on every order and product review you make online.

For every £1 spent on Vaporized products you will receive 1 point.
If you review your purchased item on our website, you will receive a further 2 points!

To add a review to a product you purchased, simply sign in to your account, head to the product page, and click the “Reviews” tab below the product image. There you should find a box to add your review.

Note: Product points are awarded at 1 point for every £1 of an individual products price – not the total amount in your final basket. You can see how many points you will earn for purchasing a product at the top of each product page.

You can redeem your points at the checkout page on your next order, or save them up for bigger discounts at a later date.

When redeeming points against an order, 1 point = 10p discount.

You can see how many reward points your account has in the “My Account” section which can be found at the top of the website.

Unfortunately our in-store loyalty card and online reward points scheme are separate at this time, however we are hoping to update this in the near future so you can use your online and in-store reward points together.

If you email with your loyalty card details and proof of purchase (e.g an image of your receipt), one of our support staff will be able to allocate the points to your loyalty card.

Please note that we can only allocate points in this manner up to 30 days from the purchase date printed on the receipt.